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PDF Viewer and Converter

View, annotate and convert Adobe PDF files
Convert to TIFF, DWF, JPEG, CALS and PNG

ViewCompanion can view, annotate and convert PDF and other formats.

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PDF Viewer and Converter

Software Companions offers three different multi format viewers: ViewCompanion Standard, Pro and Premium.
All of them can view, print and convert Adobe PDF files in addition to other formats.
With ViewCompanion you can:

  • Open Adobe PDF files.
  • Open other formats including PLT, DWF, Gerber and CGM.
  • Convert your files to TIFF, CALS, JPEG, DWF, PLT, PDF/A and several other formats.
  • Print to all plotter or printer devices supported by Windows.
  • Batch print and batch convert.
  • Use the command line interface for conversion and printing.
  • Add markup elements like text, stamp, symbol, barcode, polygon, note, picture and others.
  • Split multipage PDF files into multiple PDF files with one or more pages.
  • Combine files of different formats into a single multipage PDF file.
  • Safely open files without any risk as any JavaScript found inside a PDF file is disabled by default.
  • Do precise measurements. Use the annotation tools to add dimension lines and area measurements.
  • And much more.

All ViewCompanion editions can view and convert PDF files. The Standard and Pro editions can convert PDF files into image format files, for example TIFF, JPEG or PNG.
With Premium you can use the PDF to CAD tool to convert a PDF file into an editable DXF that can be used in any CAD editor. An option to batch convert PDF files to CAD is included. Premium provides additional tools to compare, digitally sign and encrypt PDF files.

Please find more information about each edition below:

ViewCompanion Standard
ViewCompanion Standard
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ViewCompanion Pro
ViewCompanion Pro
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ViewCompanion Premium
ViewCompanion Premium
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PDF to CAD Converter from Software Companions
PDF to CAD conversion is included in Premium

Do you want to add viewing and conversion of PDF to your own application?

ScConverter may be what you're looking for if you want to convert your files. scConverter can convert PDF, DWF, PLT, CGM, CALS, TIFF, Gerber and other formats, into many different output formats including TIFF, PNG, PDF, JPG and DWF.
A complete list of input and output formats can be found on the product information page:

scConverter Conversion DLL / SDK

With ScViewerX you may view, annotate and convert PDF and many other formats.
Please check the product information page to see what scViewerX may add to your application:

scViewerX ActiveX

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