Software Companions - Gerber and HPGL Viewers

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License Prices

Number of Licenses Price per license (USD) Online Purchase
1 95.00 Buy Now
2-9 76.00 Buy Now
10-19 71.25 Buy Now
20-29 66.50 Buy Now
30-39 61.75 Buy Now
40-49 57.00 Buy Now
50-59 52.25 Buy Now
60+ please contact sales for more information and pricing.

License Information

All licenses are perpetual and will allow you to use the software indefinitely.
New license includes a one-year software maintenance period that entitles you to download and use all updates made to the software, and to receive technical support. After this one-year period ends, you may choose to remain with the last version downloaded, or you may renew the software maintenance for another year. More information about software maintenance can be found at the bottom of this page.

If you need more than 60 licenses you're welcome to contact us for more information and an offer.
We can offer site, company and enterprise licensing, please contact sales for more information and pricing.

Online Purchases

All online transactions are handled by Share-It is one of Digital River’s MyCommerce solutions. All MyCommerce solutions are secured by Digital River’s enterprise e-commerce infrastructure, which includes a proven payment gateway, advanced fraud prevention, 24x7 customer service and much more.

Purchase Orders

Please e-mail your purchase order to:

Payment Methods:
We will send invoice and payment should be made by bank transfer within 30 days.
We do also accept payments.

Software Maintenance

All new licenses include 12 months of free software maintenance that covers:

  • Access to all minor and major updates (for example from v14.x to v15.x).
  • Free technical support by e-mail.
  • Highest priority for bug fixes.
  • Highest priority for requested features and changes to the application.

Software maintenance can be renewed annually. Software maintenance renewal is optional, and you're free to choose not to continue the maintenance program.
If you do not renew maintenance, your license(s) will continue to work as normal, but you may not be able to use the latest updates.

You can read more about maintenance here.
This software is frequently updated and you can always find the latest release here.