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Convert your PDF files to DXF, DWF, HPGL/2, CGM and SVG

ViewCompanion Premium can create fully editable CAD files from PDF files.

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PDF to CAD Converter

Premium includes a feature named PDF to CAD, also called PDF to DXF, which can be used to create a CAD file from a PDF file.
With this feature Premium can convert an Adobe PDF file into, for example, an editable Autodesk DXF file.

When you convert your PDF file to DXF, all text will be converted into DXF MTEXT entities.
Any layer defined in the PDF file will be retained when converting to both DXF and DWF formats.

Other output formats are available; please see below for more information.
It is easy to convert a PDF file to CAD format with ViewCompanion Premium, as you can see from the video below:

PDF to CAD Converter from Software Companions
PDF to CAD conversion with
ViewCompanion Premium

In addition to DXF, you may convert your PDF files to Autodesk DWF, HPGL/2, CGM, Gerber and SVG formats.
The quality of the conversion will be much higher if the PDF file was originally created by a CAD application.

Please note that PDF files that contains only raster data, for example scanned drawings, cannot be converted to a cad format by ViewCompanion.

ViewCompanion requires no additional applications, or drivers, to perform the PDF to CAD conversion.
You may find more information about PDF to CAD conversion in our blog, or you may read the PDF to CAD white paper (PDF).

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