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ViewCompanion Version 12

ViewCompanion Version 12

This is a major update that provides both new features and fixes many reported issues. Below you will find a list of the most important changes in this update:

  • New flat styled GUI with additional application themes, including Microsoft ® Office White, Colorful and Black. You can find pictures of all the available themes here.
  • You can now save reports in Excel Workbook format (XLSX) from markup list, measurement summary and measurement result dialogs.
  • Added JBIG and JPEG2000 to the list of supported PDF compression methods.
  • Added Close All Except This option to the tab context menu.
  • Now always use version 1.6 for converted PDF files.
  • Added support for UTF8 and UTF16 Unicode text files.
ViewCompanion with black theme active and
new shape elements added to the drawing.
  • Added a new separate multi line arrow tool. Two-point arrow type is no longer an option, but a separate tool.
  • Element type name can now be turned off in markup list.
  • Added lock all markup elements option (Markup tools->drop down).
  • Added editing for counter elements. You can now move or delete an existing counter node.
  • Added insert node for counter elements.
  • Vector layer states are now stored in the markup file, if save currently displayed portion is enabled.
  • Added new options to Markup XML Barcode definition: imagerotation, barcodeincludetext and barcodelabel.
  • Added additional counter types: checkmark, outlined circle and cross.
  • Added area height, negative measurement, ID and include volume text options to measurement area element.
  • Added a new predefined shape element type. Currently two predefined shapes are available: Accepted and Rejected.
  • Toggle visibility of PDF annotations.
  • Display PDF certificate information.
  • And more!

For ViewCompanion Premium there are additional changes:

  • Added PDF Optimize tool.
  • Added deskew by selecting a two-point line in the image file.
  • Added support for viewing and converting Intergraph Raster files (CIT, COT, RGB and TG4).

A complete list of changes for all editions can be found here:

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