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ScViewerX SDK

ScViewerX SDK License Prices

License Type License Description Purchase
Viewer SDK

View and Print developer license
With this license you can redistribute one product that can view, annotate and print files using the control.
Please note that if you want to use any of the available Export functions you will need a conversion license (see below).

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Conversion SDK

Conversion developer license
The conversion license includes all functionality from Viewer SDK and adds file format conversion.
This license allows you to redistribute one product that can view, annotate, print and convert files using the control.
Please note that if you want to use any of the available Export functions you will need this type of license.

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  • A single SDK developer license grants you the right to redistribute the control with one product.
    A product can either be a desktop application, or a web server application.
  • One license is required for each developer working with the SDK, volume discounts are available.
  • The license includes a one-year software maintenance agreement that gives you free updates and technical support.
  • There is no royalty, or other fees, required to pay for redistributing scViewerX with your application.

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Software Maintenance

Included in the license cost is a one-year maintenance agreement that covers the following:
  • Unlimited access to all software updates while the software maintenance agreement is active, with no limit on minor or major releases.
  • Free technical support by e-mail.
  • Highest priority for solving reported software errors (bugs).
  • This software is regularly updated and you can always find the latest available release here.
This software maintenance agreement can be renewed annually. Software maintenance is optional, and you're free to choose not to continue the maintenance program. Please note that if you choose not to renew the maintenance you may not be able to use the latest updates.

Software maintenance renewal prices (after first free year):

License Type Maintenance Renewal Price Online Purchase
Viewer SDK $240.00 Buy Now
Conversion SDK $399.00 Buy Now

Purchase orders

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Payment Methods:
Bank transfer or Paypal.