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Markup Highlight Path Tool

Highlight Path Tool

Track and Highlight a Path

This tool is very useful for quickly highlighting outlines, roads, wires, pipes and more in a drawing. To use it you just have to select a line, and all connected line segments will be added to the highlighted path. The behavior of this tool can be configured.
The pictures below illustrates how the Highlight Path Tool works.

Select the Highlight Path tool and then click on the indicated line segments.
The selected lines, and any connected lines, are automatically highlighted with a new markup element that can later be modified or deleted.
pathtool image 1
pathtool image 2
The file used in this example is named "compare_RevA.plt" and is included in the installation.
Default application settings are used.

This feature is available in all ViewCompanion edtions.
Please see the product description for more information about a specific edition:

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