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Conversion Configuration File Description

Conversion Configuration File Description

A conversion configuration file can be used to override most of the settings used by ViewCompanion during conversion.
A configuration file can be used in combination with the /ci and /cmi command line options.

The file format is very simple and uses a set of recognized keywords, as described below.
The file must start with the following header:

[ViewCompanion Convert Configuration]

Then one or more statements, using the following keywords, can be included:

If set to ON, margins will be added to the converted file.
Use the MARGINLEFT, MARGINTOP, MARGINLEFT and MARGINBOTTOM to define the size of these margins.

If set to ON, colors close to active background color will be inverted.
If this option is enabled and you're converting a drawing with white color on white background, the color will be set to black instead.

Sets the number of line segments used for drawing a full circle. The higher the number, the smoother a circle will appear.
This option are used for raster file output, or if the destination format doesn't support circles.

If set to ON, multiple files with one page each will be created if the source file is a multipage file.

If set to ON, a multipage destination file will be created if the source file is a multipage file.

Change the custom background color.
Select the background color to use for conversion with the SETBACKCOLORINDEX keyword.

If set to ON, DWF compression will be enabled. Set to OFF to create uncompressed DWF files.

If set to ON, DXF files compatible with AutoCAD R12, this can be useful if your CAD application cannot read the newer DXF variants. Set to OFF to create AutoCAD 2000 and newer compatible DXF files.

If enabled the exported file will use the actual selected paper size and center the image.

If set to ON, the selected paper size will be rotated to landscape mode. Paper sizes are by default in portrait mode.

If set to ON, a log file will be created.

If this option is used all log files will be placed in the given folder.

Can be 0 (mm) or 1 (inches).

Set the bottom margin in inch. This setting is only used if ADDMARGINS is enabled.

Set the left margin in inch. This setting is only used if ADDMARGINS is enabled.

Set the right margin in inch. This setting is only used if ADDMARGINS is enabled.

Set the top margin in inch. This setting is only used if ADDMARGINS is enabled.

If set to ON, the converted file will use only black and white colors.

Select the paper size to use for conversion.
Below is a table that lists the available paper formats:

A0(841 x 1189 mm)
A1(594 x 841 mm)
A2(420 x 594 mm)
A3-Extra(322 x 445 mm)
A3(297 x 420 mm)
A4-Extra(236 x 322 mm)
A4-Plus(210 x 330 mm)
A4(210 x 297 mm)
A5-Extra(174 x 235 mm)
A5(148 x 210 mm)
A6(105 x 148 mm)
B0(1000 x 1414 mm)
B1(707 x 1000 mm)
B2(500 x 707 mm)
B3(353 x 500 mm)
B4(250 x 353 mm)
B5-Extra(201 x 276 mm)
B5(176 x 250 mm)
B6(125 x 176 mm)
C6(162 x 229 mm)
Engineering-A(8.5 x 11 inch)
Engineering-B(11 x 17 inch)
Engineering-C(17 x 22 inch)
Engineering-D(22 x 34 inch)
Engineering-E(34 x 44 inch)
Architectural-A(9 x 12 inch)
Architectural-B(12 x 18 inch)
Architectural-C(18 x 24 inch)
Architectural-D(24 x 36 inch)
Architectural-E(36 x 48 inch)
Architectural-E2(30 x 42 inch)
Letter(8.5 x 11 inch)
Legal(8.5 x 14 inch)
Tabloid(11 x 17 inch)
Slide(11 x 7.33 inch)
Ledge(17 x 11 inch)
Executive(7.25 x 10.5 inch)
Statement(5.5 x 8,5 inch)
A1F(594 x 1189 mm)
A3F(297 x 594 mm)

If set to ON, PDF compression will be enabled. Set to OFF to create uncompressed PDF files.

Select PDF standard to use for converted files.
The following options are available:

  1. PDF 1.6.
  2. PDF/A-2b.

Enable or disable the use of transparency in converted PDF files. Please note that some printer drivers doesn't support transparency, and will run a time consuming flattening process before the printing can complete.
Disable PDF transparency to avoid this problem.

Convert the file using the given pentable.

Sets the dots per inch to use when converting to raster formats.

Sets the number of bits per pixels to use when converting to raster formats.
Allowed values:

  1. Monochrome
  2. 16 Color
  3. 256 Color
  4. True Color

Sets the rotation of the plot. Accepted values are 0, 90,180 and 270.

Sets the scale to use for conversion Accepted value are an integer (percentage), for example use you can 100 to keep the original drawing size.

If set to ON the pentable will be scaled with the drawing.

Set the scaling type to use. If set to 0 (zero), the SCALE parameter will be used.
If the scaling type is set to 1, the converted file will be scaled to fit the selected PAPERSIZE.
If the scaling type is set to 2, the USERWIDTH and USERHEIGHT parameters decide the size of the converted file.

Select the background color index to use, following values are valid:

  1. White background color
  2. Black background color
  3. Select custom background color (set the actual color by using CUSTOMBACKCOLOR)

If set to ON, SVG compression will be enabled. Set to OFF to create uncompressed SVG files (svgz).

If set to ON, pen table will also affect HPGL text entities (LB).

Compression to use for converted TIFF files.
Following values are available:

  1. Uncompressed
  2. CCITT RLE (only valid if RASTERBPP is 1)
  3. CCITT G3 (only valid if RASTERBPP is 1)
  4. CCITT G4 (only valid if RASTERBPP is 1)
  5. LZW

If enabled, the created TIFF files will contain only a single strip of image data.
Single strip files will be smaller in file size, but may be slower to read and access, depending on the application reading the TIFF file.

If set to ON, the selected background color will be used.

If enabled the original paper size, if available, will be used instead of the calculated extents of all drawing entities.

Set the user defined height in inches to use for the converted file.

Set the user defined width in inches to use for the converted file.

Some HPGL-2 files contains a RO (Rotation) instruction that controls the rotation of the drawing.
Enable this option to use the rotate instruction when converting the file.

Sample config file:

[ViewCompanion Convert Configuration]